Betsy Sterman

Selected Works

Juvenile Fiction
Too Much Magic
A magic cube that grants all your wishes? Cool! Until things go hilariously, scarily wrong.
Backyard Dragon
What's a dragon from fifteenth-century Wales doing in twenty-first century New Jersey?
Historical fiction for middle graders
Curiosity Falls
A New England waterfall leads to adventure in 1760, 1853 and today.
Juvenile historical fiction
Saratoga Secret
As Revolutionary armies prepare for battle a frightened farm girl's courage is tested.
Escape to Danger
For two boys in 18th century Boston, a harmless adventure turns into frightful danger.

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Backyard Dragon

from Chapter One:

Owen grabbed for a deep breath, then another.

There's no dragon, he told himself shakily. What would a dragon be doing in Kings Ridge, New Jersey?

Besides, dragons aren't real. Dragons are only in fairy tales, or King Arthur stories, or little kids' picture books. Dragons are make-believe.

Not this one, Owen knew. This dragon was real.

Owen flung open the back door and rushed into the house.