Betsy Sterman

Selected Works

Juvenile Fiction
Too Much Magic
A magic cube that grants all your wishes? Cool! Until things go hilariously, scarily wrong.
Backyard Dragon
What's a dragon from fifteenth-century Wales doing in twenty-first century New Jersey?
Historical fiction for middle graders
Curiosity Falls
A New England waterfall leads to adventure in 1760, 1853 and today.
Juvenile historical fiction
Saratoga Secret
As Revolutionary armies prepare for battle a frightened farm girl's courage is tested.
Escape to Danger
For two boys in 18th century Boston, a harmless adventure turns into frightful danger.

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Saratoga Secret

from Chapter One:

Amity stepped out into the dawn and shivered. She called to Ned, but he was already loping toward her. "Good Ned," she said as she stroked the dog, keeping him close beside her. He did not need her grasp on him, but she needed his warmth. More than that, she admitted, she needed him to make her feel safe. For something chilled the air.


It had never been her nature to be afraid, but now an invasion was coming. An enemy army was heading down from Canada -- thousands of redcoats, with muskets and bayonets and cannons, and fear drifted like a cold mist over the farms of the upper Hudson River valley.