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Too Much Magic

Fast moving fantasy about two ordinary kids having an extraordinary adventure.

"Just the kind of book kids like."
ALA Booklist

Backyard Dragon

Wizardry, time travel and friendship combine as Fifth Grader Owen finds an amazing way to help a dragon, banished by a careless wizard, return to his proper time and place.

Curiosity Falls

A three part adventure!
* In 1760 a twelve-year-old girl discovers a waterfall on her family's farm, then fights her fear of horses to rescue her brother who is trapped on the fall's broken bridge.
* In 1853 that same waterfall, now powering a paper mill, hides runaway slaves from bounty hunters.
* Present-day teens discover the waterfall's history and find an unusual way to keep the mill from being torn down to make way for a golf course.

Saratoga Secret

Unexpectedly thrust into a dangerous journey, sixteen-year-old Amity tries desperately to escape from spies and traitors to deliver a secret letter to the Continental army at Saratoga.

Escape to Danger

Locked in a warehouse in 18th century Boston, Ned and George discover thieves and try to fight their way out through a secret tunnel.